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Download the WLED app from the app store.
Apple App Store / Android App Store

Plug light into supplied 5V power supply
(only use 5V power supply or you risk permanently damaging the light)

With the LR1 powered on, we can connect to the default Access Point

View nearby WiFi networks on your phone. You should see an SSID with the name WLED-AP.
Connect to the WLED-AP network using the password wled1234 and you should be greeted with a captive portal.

Once connected, you have the option to configure the WLED to connect to your local WiFi or you can just start controlling the LEDs.

In the “Captive Portal” Select WIFI SETTINGS. Enter your SSID (network name) & Password and then press Save & Reboot. Ignore the static IP.
WLED Phone App While your phone is connected to the same network as your light, open the WLED app and press the + button in the top right corner.